Terms of Business


“Wunderdog”, “agency”, “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Wunderdog Ltd. (09860922) registered at 2 Livorno House, Ffordd Garthorne, Cardiff CF10 4DE.

“Client”, “you” and “your” refers to the customer receiving services, whose details are included in each order.

“Project”, “work”, “design”, “designs”, and “services” refer to the agreed work as part of each order.

Payment Terms

For products and/or services purchased with a subscription plan (e.g. monthly payment) the client agrees to make each payment for the minimum duration of the contract. Payment will be automatically processed each time and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have the available funds. Any failed payments should be resolved within 5 working days, after which statutory interest rates will apply. If the client wishes to end a contract early, they must pay any remaining balance in full.

For example, if a client purchases a subscription for £75/month with a minimum 12 month contract, they agree to make 12 monthly payments of £75 each, totalling £900, and if they wish to end the contract early for any reason they would have to pay any remaining instalments upfront.

If a subscription is on a rolling contract (e.g. once the initial 12 months of payments has been satisfied) the client may cancel the contract at any time as long as no payments are due for services rendered.

Wunderdog reserves the right to suspend website hosting services and domain services if payment for any work is outstanding by more than 90 days.

For all work/services purchased by Wunderdog from any third party outside suppliers on behalf, and with prior approval of the client through approved quote, Wunderdog shall bill the client who will pay those costs within 21 days of being invoiced.

For any work not paid for upfront, payment must be made through the Wunderdog website or by bank transfer 14 days after receiving an invoice.

For all work/services purchased by Wunderdog from any third party outside suppliers on behalf, and with prior approval of the client through approved quote, Wunderdog shall bill the client who will pay those costs within 14 days of being invoiced.

Where Third Party suppliers require upfront payment, for mobilisation, both parties will agree on the terms of settlement. Where most upfront payment is required, invoice to the Client will need to be settled within a week. The client recognises that any delay in this payment will delay the expected completion date of the project.


Orders will be deemed to have been placed when you receive confirmation via direct email from an employee of Wunderdog. Any automated emails merely confirm receipt of an order, not acceptance of an order.


Wunderdog guarantees your full satisfaction of all design work or your money back, minus a 3% administration fee. If you have paid by credit or debit card, the funds will be transferred back to your account. Otherwise funds will be transferred by a direct bank transfer and you are responsible for supplying account details. Refunds are not offered:

  • If you have approved a design
  • If you substantially alter the design brief
  • If you cancel the project for reasons other than the quality of our work
  • If you don’t communicate with us for over 3 months after receiving designs
  • If other companies were hired to work on the same project at the same time
  • If the party for whom the logo is being designed closes, or changes its name, or changes its activity

Ownership of Materials 

Wunderdog retains copyright in the digital products and services, and hereby grants the Client unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use the digital products and services, for which the client pays. Wunderdog retains the right to use the digital materials for promotional purposes and for the development of future products and services.

No materials prepared for the Client in pursuance of this Agreement shall be disposed of or destroyed without prior approval of the Client. 

Artwork for digital products and services will be delivered via digital download link or email attachment and in a format/formats deemed appropriate by Wunderdog. Other formats may be offered at our discretion.

Wunderdog does not file trademark applications, but clients are free to apply for trademarks for any work they have paid for.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure all content supplied to Wunderdog has the appropriate ownership and licenses.

Wunderdog shall indemnify the client against all Third Party claims of infringement of patent, trademark or industrial design rights arising from the use of the services under the contract or any part thereof, with the exception of any content supplied by the Client.


All printing is done by third-party suppliers and Wunderdog accepts no liability for issues arising from the printing and delivery process, however we will assist with any refunds claims directly to the suppliers.

Colours used in printing are different to colours displayed digitally, meaning that digital representations of work may look different when printed. Wunderdog will attempt to inform you of possible colour differences during the design process but cannot guarantee colour accuracy in printed media. 

Timing and Turnaround

Turnaround times for projects will be specified with each order and will be contingent on receiving all necessary information and materials from you.


Wunderdog reserves the right to subcontract all or part of any work, without notice.

Web Design Services

With the exception of “Simple Sites” (explained below), and unless otherwise stated, web design service applies for the duration of the contract and includes:

  • Initial design of a website
  • Marketing, content and strategy review
  • Creation and editing of text content, with the exception of blogs or articles
  • Supply of stock photography and other stock graphics, limited to a total cost of £60
  • Hosting and maintenance of the website for the duration of the contract
  • Editing of images, at the discretion of Wunderdog
  • SEO optimization, to the extent that search rankings are not severely negatively affected, at the discretion of Wunderdog

The service offered does not include:

  • Creation of animation content or video content
  • Photography services
  • Creation of blogs or articles
  • Guarantee of position in search rankings
  • Management of social media accounts, or any other accounts not directly related to the functionality of the website
  • Integration of any third-party services, unless agreed upon by both parties
  • Complete rebranding

Any eCommerce functionality (e.g. taking payments or bookings directly through the website) is only included in web design services where explicitly stated.

“Simple Sites” are much more minimal and the service includes:

  • Initial design of a single-page website from a pre-existing two-section template
  • First section includes a background image and text
  • Second section includes contact information and a contact form
  • Searching and supply of free stock photography
  • Hosting and maintenance of the website for the duration of the contract
  • Editing of images, at the discretion of Wunderdog

“Simple Sites” do not include any of the excluded services mentioned above, as well as review of: marketing, content, and strategy.


Due to the nature of the services offered, any order once confirmed by Wunderdog cannot be cancelled. Cancellation of an order will only be accepted on condition that any costs, charges and expenses already incurred, including any charges that will be levied by a sub-contractor on account of their expenses, work or cancellation conditions will be reimbursed to the Company forthwith. 

Force Majeure

The Company will not be liable to the Client for any loss or damage suffered by the Client as a direct result of the Company, its sub-contractors or the list-owner from whom the sample or other service or material is derived being unable to perform the Contract in the way agreed by reason of cause beyond its control including Act of God, accident, war, riot, lockout, strike, flood, fire, power failure, breakdown of plant or machinery, delay in transit, postal delay, or any other unexpected or exceptional cause or circumstance.