About Us

Designing For Business

Design is about so much more than looking good. Design needs to be functional, it needs to be on-brand, but most importantly it needs to have a goal.

Are you trying to drive sales? Do you want to push your most popular product or your most profitable? Or maybe you want to push your cheapest product/service to gain as many new customers as possible.

Are you trying to educate and inform people about your products? This can be a big challenge, especially with the notoriously-short attention span of the average internet user. How are you going to get the right information across as quickly and clearly as possible?

Are you trying to position yourself in a certain part of the industry? Maybe you’re the fresh newcomer that’s undercutting the established competition, or a high-end specialist that puts quality above everything else? Consistent and crafted design is a big part of what achieves this.

What We Do

Wunderdog specialises in graphic and web design. That means all your printed materials (business cards to banners), your website, branding, photo editing and even animation.

What we also do is form a coherent, thought-out marketing strategy that co-ordinates printed media, webpages, social media and email campaigns that truly is worth much more than the sum of its parts.

This is unique to every business we work with, so get in touch for free advice!

Peace of Mind

We have clear, fixed pricing for almost all our services that includes unlimited revisions, strict completion deadlines and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So with all this on offer, why not give us a go?